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Project Description

Amba.ImagePowerTools is Orchard CMS 1.6 module. It provides different functions to work with images in Orchard CMS.
This module allows to use image processing features of library, and manage images in admin control panel by Image Multipicker field.
With this module you can create gallery, banner rotator or any other image list, or you can resize images in your blog post.

This module is replacement for Image Multipicker Module, so delete Image Multipicker Module befor use it, ImageMultipickerField is supported by this module. Check migration manual: Migrate from Image Multipicker module

Key features

Image Power Tools 2.0 demo video:

Image multipicker field

Allows to create lists of images.
  • Images can be uploaded by drag-and-drop to field in admin.
  • Images can be reordered in list.
  • Each image can contains custom properies.
  • You can see selected images preview in content item editor.
  • Image multipicker dialog shows image preview with its width and height.
  • Image multipicker dialog allows to search image in folder tree branch.
  • Image search in mulitpicker dialog.
  • Preview images are resized on server and shown with better quality then standard Media Picker.
  • Preview images are cached in Media/Amba.ImageCache folder, so you can work faster with large images.
  • Automatic removing previews for removed files.
  • Easy media folders navigation: you can click to any folder of selected image path, and multipicker will open it.
  • Supports fields created by Amba.ImageMultipicker module





Html helpers to insert image

@Html.ResizedImage and @Html.ResizedImageUrl allow safe and fast insert resized image url to html.
For details see documentation: Html helpers

Image resizing handler

You can get resized image from resize handler /ipt/resize/{imagepath}?{resize settings}
For example: <img src="/ipt/resze/media/default/pic.jpg?width=100&mode=crop"/>
Query string contains ImageResizer commands, check reference here
You can also use ImageResizer filters fo process image. Image Power Tools module contains free grayscale filter ("tograyscale=1")


Resized image cache

All resized images are cached to media folder. Special job removes cache for deleted files every 30 minutes. You can manualiy clear cache from admin control panel.


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